Rushin By

Added to the site 6th July 2019. Tracked at 39 steps SE19.  Big thanks to Tuc Nelson for hot drums recorded at Silver Shark Studios SW17 and Jonty Bankes of the Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain for making sense of the bass line. Mixed at Silver Shark by Grant Strang

Thanks to all at the  'Americana and American Folk kinda thing' at the Sound Lounge in Merton Abbey Mills on Sunday 10th January  - it was a great evening - thoroughly enjoyed playing again and thanks to Dick Philpott for the invite

The Sound Lounge
Unit 1-2 The Apprentice Shop,
Merton Abbey Mills,

Watermill Way,

SW19 2RD


JULY 13th 2015 - A huge thank you to Tom Cowland for the three videos he has produced recently. Thorn From A Rosebush, Harry Went To Heaven In An SUV and The Peppermint Door. Rosebush and Harry have been added to the MOVIES PAGE on this site.


I would like to say a big thank you to Rosanella DC for helping out with the vocal duties on Harry Went To Heaven In An SUV.  Hope you enjoy this ... God knows it has been in the making long enough! Another Pete Murray  recording. Pete also provided the neat bass line. 



It feels like the right time to record The Dead Man's Gate, a tale of grizzly retribution starring Serena, Leroy, the Dancer the Doorman and the Norseman of Minnesota ....

At last .. CDs of The Land Of Maybe and A Call From Drake are now available.

Tuesday January 24th 7PMLooking forward to another live broadcast performance, with Rosanella DC:Grant Bartley's Philosophy Now Radio Show - Resonance FM 104.4FM 


Meanwhile at The Music Bank Collena Masuku has lent some sweet BVs to Sicilian Moon and Driver Take The Coast Road Home.....Nait has been working the ship's controls and the net result is a prettier sounding sound .... thank you both x


Mr Richard Simmons added some very cool Fender Rhodes, Hammond and Mellotron to  Driver Take The Coast Road Home & Sicilian Moontoday at Soundray Studios ... thanks a million Richard!

It's the 23rd August. Pete and I have finished mixing the A Call From Drake EP. The plan now is to get the lot up on Tunecore and get some CDs printed off

Mixed A Call From Drake today 18th August with Pete, this song has more than benefited from some expert help and even better friends! Firstly the track laying took place in Llandudno in February at Les Cousins HQ thanks to Mark and Alana! Mark's ideas and general patience and enthusiasm got the song off to a nicely laid back start and the guitars and vocal sounded just right for the plan. Secondly Mads Hauge offered his assistance and collaborated via some exceptional lap steel parts which sound cool individually but excel when arranged together, thanks again Mads! Finally main man Pete Murray listened and mixed, fabulous ... thanks Pete .


It's Sunday 31st July, just uploaded a new version of Sicilan Moon. Hope you like it. The bass guitar and inspiration for the song title come courtesy of old mate and Gatling Guns stalwart Mr Charles Winning.  The lyric explores a creeping sense of unrest. It senses the atmosphere prior to, and the scene of, an assassination in a murky underworld. In reality it could be anywhere, but regardless, it asks us to contemplate the consequence of accepting favours without enquiring what may be expected in return.


And a fool wouldn't question, all the crazy times he had. And a low gets down in this Godforsaken town, when a bad moon gets mad, Sicilian Moon....