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Rushin By Recorded at 39 Steps Crystal Palace. Mixed at Silver Shark  by Grant Strang. Uploaded 6th July 2019

Bermondsey Wall  Recorded by Grant Strang and uploaded 16th June 2016
Dave the Chair  a song co written with CC Winning recorded 6th August 2015
Harry Went To Heaven In An SUV  title of forthcoming EP due for release December 2014
A Call From Drake  title song from the EP released November 2011
Sicilian Moon
  from the EP released November 2011 EP
Any Time Any Where
from the EP released November 2011
Driver Take The Coast Road Home  from the EP released November 2011 - hi res ..takes a bit longer to load.
The Land Of Maybe 
from the 2009 EP of the same name
Sunday Dreaming  from the Peppermint Door LP
African Snowstorm  from the Peppermint Door LP
Moving Slow
.from the Peppermint Door LP


Songs From Somewhere ... LP March 2007
The Land Of Maybe
... EP September 2009
The Peppermint Door & Other Stories
... January 2010
A Call From Drake
... EP October 2011

Dave The Chair has been performed and adapted as a theme for the annual Pentedattilo Film Festival in Calabria Italy. Special thanks to CC Winning and Maria Piccolo Winning ... I'm honoured!

BERMONDSEY WALL a new song recorded with Grant Strang at the controls, a fine studio and a great session - Bermondsey Wall is a ghostly tale set near the Angel pub to the south east of Tower Bridge ... hope you like it....

Recorded a song called Dave the Chair today. The song tells the story of war wounded characters scraping their way through their final years, CC Winning's heartfelt lyric juxtaposes that sad drama with the slick expedient professionals who would rather avert their gaze from the troubled footmen, yet visit a theatre in the same vicinity to experience the war story as an artform

There are three new videos - Thorn From A Rosebush, The Peppermint Door and Harry Went To Heaven In An SUV on the Movies page - hope you like! Tom Cowland designed and produced the trio of videos - I'm knocked out by Tom's efforts! The recordings were tracked and mixed at Soundray Studio by Pete Murray . Rosanella doubled up the lead vocal on Harry - big thank you xx The 3rd video Take The Coast Road Home was co written with CC Winning and the video was produced by Mark Pavey. Just a quick heads up - if you watch the videos it's a good idea to pause the songs on playback on the home page first! 

Pete Murray at Soundray Studio has been the main man recording my songs since 2007 - he is a wonderful recordist and sound engineer with a fine musical ear and plays mean guitar and bass when required - a seriously good option if you want to turn your song ideas into something coherent.




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